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ATMS of the Saint-Petersburg Ring Road

 Project name: Development of the Hardware/Software Embedded System for Traffic Control Center and Traffic Control Points for the Ring Road Advanced Traffic Management System.

The Traffic Control Center operates based on the state-of-the-art IntellectTraffic software application.

Project goals:

  • Increasing the capacity of the Ring Road;

  • Improving traffic flow on the Ring Road;

  • Improving safety on the road;

  • Increasing the speed of traffic flow; 

  • Reducing the time of entering/exiting the Ring Road;

  • Reducing the fuel consumption and vehicle emissions;

  • Improving the efficiency of road services.

Project objectives:

  • Automatic and semi-automatic detection of incidents, disturbances, congestion, and other emergency situations on the road;

  • Automatic monitoring of traffic flows; collection, storage, and processing of statistical temporal/spatial data on traffic flows, performance indicators for system equipment and traffic control/engineering personnel.

  • Displaying common access information;

  • Supporting the service functions, operation, and maintenance of the Ring Road;

  • Increasing user awareness of the traffic situation on the road.

Types of activities: Development and implementation of the design and management plans for the hardware/software embedded system for the Traffic Control Center and Traffic Control Points for the Ring Road advanced traffic management system according to the sections “Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)”, “Integrated Communication System for Roads (ICSR)”, “Automation, communication, and alarm systems (ACAS)”, and “Structured system for the monitoring and control of building and constructions (SSMCBC)”.    

Client: FSI DSTO “Sankt-Peterburg”.

Location: Saint Petersburg.