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CJSC NGO is a Russian engineering and production company which joins together a number of organizations specializing in development, design, engineering, and implementation of projects and equipment fabrication in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) including Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS) and Toll Road Systems.

NGO is engaged in the following current activities:

• Development and implementation of projects to introduce Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS);

• Development of ATMS Software and its subsequent operation;

• Production and delivery of Toll Road Systems (barriers, optical barriers, on-board units, transponders,Ticket” automatic terminals, automatic payment terminals, tollbooths);

• Production and delivery of lighting products using LEDs and hardware-software systems for different purposes (variable message signs, variable speed signs, traffic lane signals adapted for integration into intelligent transport systems)

• Production and delivery of support structures made ​​of polymeric composite materials (PCM) and their implementation in the infrastructure of transportation systems as a whole metropolis.



CJSC  NGO carries out projects related to implementation of intelligent transport systems (ITS) on the  large-scale transport infrastructure sites:

  • Highway "Moscow - Saint Petersburg " at the site 15 - 58 km

  • Highway "Moscow - Saint Petersburg " at the site 58 - 684 km

  • Traffic Management Master Plan and Automated Traffic Management System in Sochi

  • Relief road of Kurortny prospekt in Sochi, Krasnodar region

  • M-4 "Don" highway in Krasnodar region

  • M-18 "Kola" highway in Leningrad region

  • Road interchange of Leningradsky shosse and Volokolamskoye shosse in the region of Sokol Moscow metro station including the section between the interchange and Begovaya street (Third Ring Road).

  • CCTV system of Leningradsky tunnel, Moscow


The company possesses a significant scientific and engineering potential. Among its personnel are doctors and candidates of technical sciences with extensive experience in development and implementation of Automated Systems on technically complex and unique linear sites. The activity of NGO experts is based on knowledge and respect of current rules and requirements, state standards (GOST), full-bodied study of market trends. The company experts have extensive experience in developing and implementing of ATMS in various branches, including traffic management automatization.